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Crystal Carol Wallace has an enviable reputation: She is recognised as one of the countries leading experts in Crystals and Minerals. Carol travels to Europe, America and Brazil each year to select the most excellent quality crystals for her customers.

The advantage of buying crystals from Carol is you do not pay the ‘middleman’ profit. So visitors to the shop can be assured of high quality and fair prices. Not only this: All of her stock is ethically sourced: You can be guaranteed the miners and companies who work with Carol are fair-trade.

Carol is Europe’s premier ‘Melody’ trainer and train’s students to the highest level’s in crystal healing. She has an enviable reputation for ability and knowledge in this field of complementary therapy.

Open from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Crystal Carols
11 George Street



About Carol:

Before you have a look at what lovely ‘babies” we have available, some of you may like to know how I “found” crystals and a little bit about myself.

I was born in Manchester UK, in 1965 (Under the star sign of Aquarius). I was the second child in what was to become a gang of 4 sisters. My poor Dad had no chance. My dad is English and my mum Irish. I believe I inherited my mediumistic gift from my mothers family and the Celtic line.

From being young I have always been “Gifted” although sometimes growing up I would have disputed this. Although now this gift is very helpful when choosing crystals for other people.

My journey to crystals was quite a painful one, after a bad accident, I like so many people went down the path of the “professionals” and after many years and a few operations, and in a great deal on constant pain Crystals came into my life by “Accident” as a gift from a friend. As is their way I have now discovered.

I know crystals can help us on many levels, not just physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.

I have now been working with crystals for over 20 years and can, hand on heart say I love my job. I believe I am very lucky to work with these amazing energises and I even call them my babies.

I started off selling crystals at house parties and then moved to a market stall and now after many years I have got to the point where I have got a fully stocked shop, where everywhere you look there are wonderful “babies”.

I now get to travel the world to pick crystals. This is very important to me as crystals do “pick up” the love and appreciation they are sent. It is also important to me to connect with the families and people who handle the crystals I have the responsibility of looking after until they find their home: