Melody Courses

Carol is delighted to announce she will be presenting ©Melody Practitioner Courses during 2021: Carol will be taking bookings from June onwards. Please contact Carol for course dates and prices from the direct email link at the end of this section.

The ©Melody Practitioner Course

During the last weeks of 2019, Melody asked Carol to join her in Rome for a short holiday. Melody’s desire was to confirm with Carol that she would become the European facilitator for ©Melody Crystal Practitioner Courses. Carol had worked with Melody on many courses in the UK – Europe, and the USA. Melody was satisfied that Carol would meet her expectations, and would therefore become the European ©Melody Crystal Practitioner Course Facilitator.


During the time together in Rome, Carol and Melody agreed Carol would administer the training the Melody way. The courses would be taught following Melody’s time tested method. And as anyone who has attended the courses will know they are of the highest standards. As the courses should be: they are acknowledged as the finest crystal courses in the world.

Why Wait Two Years?

Carol has waited two years before making this announcement out of respect. Because it was during the visit to Rome that Melody died. As Carol and Campbell had built up a long and lasting personal friendship with Melody, Carol was certain she would need time to reflect on the decisions made during the December 2019 meetings. Not only this, Carol had lost a great personal friend, and she desired to respect her friend’s passing.

It Is Now Time:

Carol feels it is time to begin the courses again. They will be run to exactly the same standards as before: Carol will teach the world standard courses as agreed with Melody in Rome 2019. Of course, Melody will not be with the students in person – but you can be certain she’ll be there in spirit. Students can be sure every course will be fun and an amazing lifelong memory.

Happy and Personal Memories:

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Carol’s Original November 2007 Certificate

Basic Crystal Workshops

Carol runs more basic crystal workshops for people wishing to learn more about the wonders and joys of crystals. Carol comments:

“My crystal workshops are run above my shop so there are always crystals at hand to show the students. It is a full-day workshop: really great fun and a real stepping stone to a ®Melody Practitioner Crystal Course.

Introduction to crystals ~ £60

  • Learn how to:
  • choose, cleanse and charge crystals.
  • Using crystals with the chakras.
  • Programme crystals.
  • Recognise types and forms of quartz

Includes: Refreshments, Manual and Chakra Set.

Advanced Workshop ~ £60

  • Learn about:
  • Aura’s.
  • Karma.
  • Dowsing
  • Crystal layouts.
  • Crystals in your environment.

Includes: Refreshments, Manual and Crystal Grid Set.

The workshops usually take place on a Sunday

Start time 10.30am ~ Finish approx 5pm

Spaces are limited – Early booking is advisable

During 2021 call 0161-339-6677 – 10am ~ 4:30pm (Tuesday 10:00am ~ 3:00pm)

Please feel free to contact us with regards to dates and availability for our next workshop

Contact Carol